Multiple Teams · Water Polo Camp Opening Day

There was buzz in the air as the Chino Water Polo Summer Camp began today under a new regime. Coach Hulme, Coach Leon, and the entire Cowboys Team had something to be excited about as the team set it’s expectations for the future. Turnout was higher than expected with plenty of space left for growth.

Highlights included brand new t-shirts for the team, Playbook X’s and O’s, Time Trials, and Foundational Ball Handling Drills… all in Day One. Spirits were high as the day ended. Many athletes commented on the positive atmosphere and the ability to meet new teammates. “If we were able to get all this accomplished in Day One, I can’t wait to see where Day Two takes us!”, one of the campers said.

Camp runs until July 26th. If interested in joining the team or participating in camp, please contact The Chino High School Water Polo Team on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) @ChinoWaterPolo for further details!