Multiple Teams · Chino Tennis Raise Over $750 For Breast Cancer Awareness

The Chino Girls Tennis program embarked on a journey to raise funds for the 8th Annual Cancer Awareness Tennis Game on Tuesday October 15th. For the past month, the Tennis Program has been selling Pink Awareness Shirts “Rally For A Cure” and accepting donations towards the cause. On Tuesday, if you would have drove by Chino High School, it would have seemed like a huge event was occurring as the tennis courts were packed with people watching the Matches along with booths set up accepting donations and selling out the rest of shirts.

Each year the event seems to grow and the amount raised seems to increase as well. “The proceeds go to such a good cause – American Cancer Society and Crystal Roses (Corona).” Coach Hinkle said. “If there is anyway we can help, we will try our best. Each dollar counts.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Several groups and clubs on Chino High School’s campus have contributed or are still running their campaigns to raise funds, but on Tuesday, the Tennis Team did it spectacular fashion. Their contributions will definitely make an impact for those that need it.

Even though the tennis shirts are sold out, if you would like to contribute or donate, please contact Michael Hinkle at Chino High School. Thank you so much for your support!